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The Great Baking Day (A Mother’s Thoughts)

How a day baking with just little children can go.

It is the Great Baking Day. You know, the day you fill up the freezer to not need to bake for a few weeks: the day you bake a double batch of bread, three kinds of cookies, a cake, and a batch of granola.

Being a busy mom of two young girls (8 months and 2 years old at the time), I set my alarm for 5 a.m. to get a good start to the day. Of course, baby has to nurse at 5 too. I then get ready for the day, read my Bible, make breakfast,  eat breakfast, have family devotions, kiss my husband off to work…and why, it is 7:15 already!

Dress baby for the day.
Dress and comb toddler.
Start a load of laundry(with diapers at least one load has to be done every day).
Take toddler to the potty.
Make beds.
Clear table.
Nurse fussing baby.
Get coloring book and crayons down for toddler.
Put baby down to nap…

I take advantage of baby sleeping to give the floor a quick sweeping. Sweeping is a must with a crawling, eat-everything-in-reach baby. Then I hang out the laundry so it dries before the afternoon rain. Maybe I can mix something up before the baby wakes…but alas, I hear the baby cry. It is 9:30 on the Great Baking Day…

Pick up baby and change diaper.
Get the mixer and recipes together.
The girls always want to watch so I pull out a chair for the toddler and pick up the baby to put her in the Bumbo seat. She has a wet diaper again…

Change baby.
Put her in Bumbo seat on table.
Toddler urgently needs potty.
That finished, I get out the first ingredient.
Answer a phone call.
Finally start mixing first batch of cookies.

The girls like to taste the ingredients so I give them pinches of sugar, flour, and oatmeal. They are starting to learn ingredient tastes so that, you know, they can do the baking for me someday.

child's hand getting berries from mom's hand

Finish up mixing first batch of cookies.
Nurse baby.
Get chicken baking for dinner.
Comfort toddler who tripped and bumped herself.
Stick cookie dough in the fridge since I can’t dedicate myself to getting them baked now.

It is 11 o’clock on the Great Baking Day. I have to get dinner ready and both girls are very fussy. I hold back the tears but a few squeeze out anyway.  Only one batch of cookies mixed…

We have an hour of “dinner break” at noon. When Daddy leaves at one, the girls go down for naps. I sigh a little, and take advantage to give the house a quick tidying and sweeping, again.

This Mommy can’t run forever, so I take a little break to read and nap a bit.

Baby wakes up at 2:30. After a nursing and a changing, I finally start baking those cookies while washing up dishes and cleaning up laundry. At four the toddler wakes up, and the rest of the day goes with supper making, bathes, etc…

After the girls are tucked in bed, I sit down to think about the Great Baking Day. How nice it would be to have a freezer full of baked stuff. It would be much easier without little girls. Sigh…

girl helping with baking

I check up on the girls. Their sweet, peaceful, little faces…It melts me. If I had to choose between a full freezer, or two girlies, well, the choice is simple. And I am sure there are ladies who would gladly change their full freezers for a couple of girlies.

I give them each a little pat as I relax from the frustrations of the day. These days are tough and my freezer is empty, but my heart is full. I am rich.

Someday I might have Great Baking Days, but for now – thank you, God, for two sweet little girls.

*(Written some ago, but thought it would be fun to share now anyway. Things usually work a bit better now.😀)

Save it for later!

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  1. Oh I feel you! This is so sweet and so true! There are seasons of life and great baking days don’t usually fit in the babies and toddler season for me either. You’re doing great!

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